Bob & Jeanie

Jeanie comes from Copenhagen Denmark, that’s about all I’m allowed to tell you without getting nagged. She is a mine of information, a brainiac, and speaks goodness knows how many languages having worked all over Europe in the past as a rep and tour guide. She was working here in Malcesine when I arrived in May 1990 with some holiday guests, and her life has never been the same since.

Bob & Jeanie

About me? Aha! I’ll not go on for ages. I’m an ex this and ex that, chef butcher coach truck and bus driver, disc jockey, compere and presenter, standup comic, publican, milkman, window cleaner, wrestler and driving instructor, and professionally qualified wine taster (except I swallow it instead of spitting it out), who just happens to be passionate about life, beer, old cars (I am the magazine editor for the 6/80 & MO Club), and making guitars, oh, and blues music too. I came to the lake for the first time in 1990 and was captured by the nutcase on the previous page. In 1991 I came here to work and although it wasn’t planned this way, I’m still here…. Bob.


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Bar Enal
Via Capitanato 2
37018 Malcesine (VR)

Società EKS FRAN di Jeanie Ekstrom e Robert Francis snc.
P. I.V.A. 03087820233
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Tel. Italia 0039 (0)*45 7400526

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